CUSWPC in the past

We are asking photos  of the club from alumni and were super happy with how many replies we already recieved, there are so many great photos!

This is part of a ‘vitual clubhouse’ we are trying to create so we can have the full history of the club because it would be a shame to lose this information.

If you know the names of anyone in your photo/ any of those that are up then we can label them.

Thanks to Daniel Woolcott, Peter de Groot, James Whidborne, David Cooke, Roger Alderson, Peter Kempe and Bob Harris for giving us the photos below.

If you have any more  photos to send us then please do to cd545|at| 1961CUSWPC1962


CUSC&OUSC Ladies 1964

CUSC& OUSC women 1964

CUSWPC team 1964

CUSWPC team 1964

CUSWPC team June 1965

CUSWPC June 1965

CUSWPC team 1967

CUSWPC team 1967


Dodge in Cambridge Swimming team 1967.jpg

CUSC 1967

Dodge, Judy and CUSC friends at Kittens Club May Cocktail Party 1968.jpg

CUSC at Kittens club 1967




CU Men 2012

CU Men Varsity Dinner 2012 (2011-12)

Back Row (L-R):

Andras Kapuvari, Tom Maxey, ??, Roumteen Keshe, Michael Weeks, David Leigh, Mike Gormally, Sean True, Matija Marijan, Owen Waugh, Christoph Schmidhuber, Josh Hirschowitz, Adam Kuo

Front Row (L-R):

Ultimate TJ, Matt Ingrams, Hamish Crichton, Dan Woolcott, Pete Lucas, Ian Cooper

Varsity Lineup 2013

Varsity Lineup 2013 (2012-13)

Cambridge Front to Back: Hamish Crichton, Bruno Federico (GK), Dan Woolcott, Tom Maxey, Andras Kapuvari, Mike Gormally, Alex Davies, Favio Van Der Zuid, Ina Cooper, Brett Ormrod, Devan Du Plooy, TJ, Josh Hirschowitz

CU Men 2013

CU men 2013

CU Men Trinity 2013

CU Men 2013 (outside Trinity)

CU Men UPolo Finals 2013

CU Men UPolo Finals 2013 (2012-13)

(L-R) Fabio Van der Zuid, Dan Woolcott, Sean True, Hamish Crichton, Alex Davies, Nick Ludford, Brett Ormrod, Devan Du Plooy, TJ

CU Men & Women UPolo Finals 2013


CU Men & Women UPolo Finals 2013 2012-13 Season.

Back Row (L-R):

Nick Ludford (Womens Coach), Fran Brandon, Dan Woolcott, Sean True, Alex Kellaway, Fabio Van der Zuid, Becky Hulbert, Devan Du Plooy, Beth Eastwood, Hamish Crichton

Front Row (L-R):

Anna Sutcliffe, Alex Davies, Sophie Clarke, Brett Ormrod, Becky Wetten, TJ



relays gala 2018

Relays Gala 2018

On 20th October 2018, Cambridge University Swimming Club welcomed UCL, KCL, Imperial and Leicester to Parkside Pools for the annual season-opening Relays Gala. Cambridge entered two teams, named Team Alpha and Team Aleph in honour of random alphabets worldwide. With neither team selected to be stronger than the other, the stage (pool) was set for some tight races. Several Cambridge newbies made their debuts in light blue – on the male side Joe Anderson, Jacques Bonsell, Theo Cannon and Segev Gonen Cohen all appeared for the first time whilst Eve Hull, Anna Kirk, Meghan Mulhern, Ellie O’Keeffe, and Elizabeth Perry all made their debuts on the women’s team.

The first half of the event consisted of the individual events – 100m of each of the four strokes and 100m individual medley were contested. Some impressive victories, particularly by Bonsell, Cannon and Kirk in the Men’s 100m freestyle, 100m butterfly, and Ladies’ 100m backstroke respectively, saw both Cambridge teams at the top of the leaderboard at halfway. However, having won the Ladies’ 100m individual medley and the Men’s 100m backstroke, UCL were close behind just 5 points down.

Photo credits: Cassius Clark
Photo credits: Cassius Clark

The events in the second half were the relays. 4 x 50m relays of each stroke for each gender were raced, and then mixed gender 8 x 50m medley and 8 x 50m freestyle relays concluded the competition. Following on from the strong individual events, Cambridge’s swimmers continued to ooze speed and class as they extended their leads at the top of the points table, winning every relay and getting a 1-2 finish in six out of the ten relays. The highlight of the second half was no doubt the Cambridge breaststrokers squaring off against each other, as Daniel Toy pipped a tiring Finn Harman in the first leg of the breaststroke relay.

The final standings were:

Cambridge Alpha102
Cambridge Aleph92
University College London77
University of Leicester58
King's College London46
Imperial College45

Thank you to everyone who came to make this memorable event happen, and well done to our winners Team Cambridge!

Meet the 2018-19 Commitee!

We have a new committee for the academic year 2018-19, with some experienced members and plenty of new ones, here are the people hoping to make this year the best yet for CUSWPC!

President: Chantelle Doran

Medic at St John’s, plays women’s water polo since and full of great new ideas!



Secretary: Jess Payne

Studies Phys Natsci at Magdalene, swims 200m IM, 100m fly and freestyle.


Harold Beale club/ Sponsorship officer: Seren-Jones Reddy

Bio Natsci at Churchill, plays women’s water polo.


IT Officer: Mario Cekic

PhD in computer science at Clare Hall, plays men’s water polo.


Welfare Officer: Kate Read

Engineer at Girton college, plays women’s water polo.


Publicity secretaries:

Yung Lo

HSPS at Peterhouse, plays women’s water polo.


Siân Stockton

PhD in Pharmacology at Darwin, plays women’s water polo.


Tadpoles president and alumni relations officer: Dan Toy

Chemical Engineering at Gonville and Caius, swims backstroke.


Men’s swimming captain: Henry Choong

Maths at St John’s, swims 100m and 200m freestyle and backstroke.


Women’s swimming captain: Georgia Crawford

HSPS at Newnham, does the 100m freestyle.


Swimming secretaries:

Charlotte Rowlands

Medicine at Gonville and Caius, swims 100m breaststroke.


Alex Lezard

Engineering at Clare, swims 200m IM.


Marlins Captains:

Karl Romain

Studies medicine at Girton, swims 100m freestyle and 50m breaststroke.


Phillippa Chambers

Land economy at Newnham, swims 100m and 200m freestyle.


Open water swimming captain: Matthew Chadwick

Earth sciences by the British Antartic Survey at Sidney Sussex, plays men’s water polo, as well as swimming open water.


Men’s Water Polo Captain and Club Vice-President:

Ben Tinkler-Davies

Studies engineering at Clare.


Men’s Water Polo Secretary: Alex Norcliffe

Studies Phys Natsci at Sidney Sussex.


Women’s water polo captain: Lara Tritton

Studies Phys Natsci at Jesus.


Women’s water polo secretary: Beki Mills

Studies Phys Natsci at Newham.


Water polo college League officer: Henry Stuart-Turner

Studies Medicine at Emmanuel.


Looking forward to the new upcoming season as the start of the academic term is fast approaching…

Celebrating the Past

Recently, a member of our CUSWPC alumni, Barry James, highlighted an important point: hard-fought victories in the past over our opposition are not displayed as a matter of public record on our website!

Our club has certainly had a rich and successful history, from our fondly remembered Varsity victories in matches against our main rival Oxford, to how we have established a tight community of alumni as part of the Harold Beale club, to our Tadpoles Club social events. It would definitely be a shame to not commemorate the hard work our predecessors have inputted in their respective teams, and to celebrate their improvements, sporting experiences, successes in meets and matches.

The Cambridge University Swim Team of 1989
The Cambridge University Swim Team of 1989

Therefore, we are in the process of organising and uploading some old Varsity programmes (courtesy of Barry James- thank you for digging through and finding these!) to display a public record of past teams and scores. If other alumni members possess any other records from other years, feel free to share them with our publicity officers or Harold Beale Club officer, so we can show them on here.

The Cambridge University Swim Team of 1991-1992
The Cambridge University Swim Team of 1991-1992
The Cambridge University Men's Water Polo Team 1991-1992
The Cambridge University Men’s Water Polo Team 1991-1992
The Cambridge University Swim Team of 1993-1994
The Cambridge University Swim Team of 1993-1994

Cuppers 2018- Queerwin Victory

Beki (College League Officer):

The first two weekends of Easter Term saw 6 teams consisting of 15 different colleges descend on the Leys Pool for the annual College Water Polo CUPPERS 2018! Every team was keen to beat Queerwin to end their winning streak, and despite some amazing playing unfortunately no one was successful.

Cuppers this year took the form of a round robin tournament, where the 4 highest scoring teams progressed through to semis, then the winners to played off in a 30 minute match in the final! There were a few new rules introduced to even the playing field, and to stop Queerwin’s annoying habit of bringing 30 rower lads to play every match and sub in new people every 30 seconds. These consisted of a max of 15 players per team, consisting of at least 3 girls, and a minimum of one non-university player and one girl in the water at a time.

After some close matches in the round robin, the four teams progressing to the semis were, in point order, Queerwin, Newnemmahouse, Sidney/Jesus/Catz and JChill. Robinson/Girton/Fitz gained no points after conceding all their matches, and Clare/Homerton opted out of the semis as it fell on the legendary C-Sunday, and the captains fancied day drinking a bit more than the suffocating, chlorinated atmosphere of the Leys (and fair enough really). The first semi final was Newnemmahouse vs Sidney/Jesus/Catz, which turned out to be an extremely tense match with a goal difference never greater than 1. The final score was 5-4 to Sidney/Jesus/Catz, unfortunately leaving the Newnemmahouse captain, Henry Stuart-Turner, without the opportunity of wearing a women’s water polo costume (a modern day corset for those that don’t know) in the final, as per a bet made with the Jesus captain. A devastating loss for us all. The next semi final was Queerwin vs JChill, which can only be described as a landslide victory for Queerwin with a score of 9-1. What happened JChill?! This left Queerwin vs Sidney/Jesus/Catz for a nail biting final, which I will leave to be described by Queerwin captain, Noah Milton…….

Noah (Queerwin Captain):

After wiping out the opposition, Sidney/Jesus/Catz proved themselves to Queerwin in a competitive cuppers final. Queerwin took the lead, but Sidney/Jesus/Catz fought hard for the title. A change to a more defensive strategy kept their goals to a minimum, while enabling us to squeeze in the odd goal here and there. The overall result, 6-3 to Queerwin was a (somewhat expected) delight, marking the third consecutive cuppers win for Queerwin.

Over the year, the Queerwin squad has grown massively. Quick-to-learn freshers improved their skills through the the weekly training sessions with the Leys (though the captain’s attendance may have been rare), building upon the already-strong base of university firsts and seconds players . Of course, being joined by an ex-blues player and resident legend, Toberg, always helps. The Michaelmas and Lent tournaments gave the newbies a taste of victory, so that when it was time for Cuppers, the squad had grown to 25 members, including 5 girls, all desperate to play. A victory in itself, but we had our sights on shinier glory. The team’s great teamwork led to some excellent games and victories, when every player was significant and the more experienced players didn’t dominate play.

Perhaps a more hidden side of Queerwin water polo this year have been the cherished socials. The social secretary and captain have been very keen on team bonding through swaps, socials, and their own invention ‘Beerpolo’. We hope to continue these newly established traditions into the years to come.

The triumphant weekend ended a brilliant year for Queerwin, with a promising future as many new players are looking towards joining the university teams come Michaelmas. So who knows, maybe this time next year we’ll be celebrating our fourth year of victory…

Water Polo Cuppers: Last year’s victors on the tournament so far

By Dan Lafferty

After a year of training, cuppers has finally arrived. Every player from Queens’ and Darwin has waited the entire year for this opportunity. Expectations are high after our win last year and no one has any intention of letting our trophy slip form our fingers.

The first weekend did not disappoint as Queerwin breezed through every match leaving the opposition scared, scarred and questioning how one side can be so dominant?

Stash – it’s entirely due to our bomb ass stash. C’mon even the uni water polo teams don’t have robes.

We have a few other advantages too: Queerwin is blessed with many strong uni players but the backbone of the team is a large, committed squad which trains twice a week. Whilst most cuppers teams consist of a couple of strong players and a triathlete with a free weekend, every Queerwin player can be relied upon.

Our games are not epic spectacles so much as a ruthlessly clinical operation. Strong opposition players are neutralised, few attacks make it anywhere near our goal, and every mistake by the other side is exploited – a steal, a pass, a goal. The scores, 6-1, 7-1, 6-2, speak for themselves.

With nothing but desolation left on our side of the competition, we look forward to the prospect of fresh meat this weekend. The weak should fear the strong.


Everlasting Glory for Water Polo Men’s 2nds

By Leonardo Buizza

Following their strong varsity win, the second team were looking for an emphatic ending to the end of the season. A 19-5 victory at home against a hapless UEA side put them in good stead for a showdown with Oxf*rd Brookes, who had won the reverse fixture 14-10, in one of the final BUCS fixtures of the year.

This time round Brookes were the ones with threadbare squad, having only brought 8 players along. Things began with a flurry of goals, Cambridge taking an early 2-0 lead, but Brookes hitting back immediately, scoring twice to stay within touching distance. As the quarter advanced we began to see the advantage of having a full squad, as Brookes started to tire – pit player Balint Szepfalvi scoring a couple of cool finishes to take the score up to 5-2.

The second quarter carried on much as before, with the Light Blues continuing to put the visitors under pressure. However, some complacency and a lack of sharpness in attack saw multiple occasions go to waste. Passes not going to hand, slow awareness and some easy turnovers meant that Cambridge failed to press home their advantage. Still, a trickle of goals kept coming and at half time Cambridge led Brookes by 7-3.

Some sharp words and a mental reset saw Cambridge swim off for the third quarter with renewed motivation. Three more goals from Balint, along with more inspired play from captain Vytautas, saw the seconds extend their lead. Swimmer convert Dimitris Kousoulidis began to make more use of his absurd pace, helping to set up more and more counter-attacks as Brookes tired, and Santiago “Jesus” Lago chipped in another goal, having already got one in each of the previous quarters.

The final minute of the third period saw what was possibly the highlight of the entire Light Blue sporting season. With Brookes a man down, an unmarked Leonardo Buizza received the ball on the right wing (ish). There was no defender in sight (due to another lapse in the Brookes defence), leaving only a whimpering keeper standing in the way of a glorious goal. A magnificent averagely-paced shot, straight into (not quite) the bottom-right hand corner saw the ball deflect off the ‘keeper into the goal – Buizza’s first of the season. The entire crowd of two people erupted in celebration, knowing what a momentous occasion this was. The quarter ended 13-3.

Rigs and goals aplenty (credit: Santiago Lago).

The fourth quarter saw the floodgates well and truly open. Having been set a target of twenty goals by captain Vy, the heroic seconds rose to the occasion. A huge ten unanswered goals flew into the Brookes net, with everyone keen to get involved in the goal rush. Of particular note was afore-mentioned Santi. Conscious that Brookes were now clearly flatlining in energy levels, Santi decided that his quarter would be spent no further than 5 metres from the Brookes goal. A gamble, some might say, but this is a man who knows when the reward outweighs the risk – six goals for this poacher (I dislike the term “goal-hanger”), taking his haul to nine for the game. More contributions from the rest of this magnificent team saw them end the game 23-3 – emphatic.

Three for Three: Men’s Water Polo 1st team finish off a successful day of battle against O*ford

By Robert Gourley

After a largely disappointing year in BUCS for the men’s water polo first team, the men undertook a training regime that would make Phelps shake in his boots. Co-captains Rob Gourley and Joseph Wu were determined to turn around personal scores from the Varsity match in 2016. A long day in Parkside Pool saw the team witness wins for both the men’s second team and the women’s team. The pressure was on to complete a trio of wins for the light blue.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 7.47.13 PM

Pre-match rituals were in full force as Isaac Hinchcliffe saw off his third monster of the afternoon and Alex Norcliffe allowed the can of Strongbow to digest before the warm up. As a largely new team, the pressures of the deafening crowd in a first Varsity could have halted our prowess. However after some galvanising words from the co-captains, the game began under the floodlights in the light blue’s favour with an almost immediate impact with a goal from Rob Gourley after some excellent work from star fresher Ben Tinkler-Davies. A cagey first quarter went goal for goal ending 3-2 in favour of Cambridge. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 6.41.26 PM

The second quarter was a period of consolidation for the light blues with more goals from Ben TD and Rob Gourley, supported by our very own brick wall in net, Brian Trippe. Forcing ejections for the O*ford team was a key part of the game plan masterminded by veteran coach Andy Knight, who kept heads concentrated throughout the game. Patrick Charles and Adam Streeter bullied the O*ford defence into submission with brute strength and dashing looks. The second quarter ended 6-3 to Cambridge.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 7.53.00 PM

The light blues began to sense that this game was for the taking, like a predator devouring its prey the team began to turn the screw. 7-4, 8-4, 9-4, 10-4. Highlight coming with Ben TD scoring from his own half after a blunder from the O*ford keeper. The game was over then and there, thanks for coming O*xford, see you next year. Home support got a quick scare going through the fourth quarter when O*ford had a ‘comeback’, to 10-7 to the light blues, and hearts began to stutter. No bother, step up Adam Streeter with a crucial goal to make it 11-7 and fully close the game off. Final score: 11-8 to Cambridge, completing the full set of water polo Varsity victories.


Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 7.47.33 PM

Man of the match was amicably shared between co-captain Rob Gourley and Ben Tinkler-Davies who shared the first 10 goals between them with 5 each. Honourable mention goes to Brian Trippe who was unbelievable in net absolutely shutting down the shooting game of O*ford. Thanks to all those who came to support the team.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 7.55.31 PM

Women’s Water Polo Varsity Victory

By Laura Schubert

The women’s varsity match of 2017 was truly enjoyable  for the Cambridge team, as they retained their trophy after a 10-3 victory. Though while in the pool the match went by in a blur, memories from the stands, the bench and the pool being you the detail of an hour of action!

The whistle blows and Claudia Feng, a sprinter, competes in the swim off. Although Oxford get the ball, Cambridge’s defence is strong and aware. All the shots are deflected by the goalie Blandine Bénézit, who put in a strong performance throughout the match, and this leads to a corner that is shut down swiftly. An energetic and rapid counter from Cambridge follows and after 5 minutes Captain Laura Schubert bangs the first goal of the match into the top right corner of the very tall shallow end goal.

The next minute sees two exclusions for Oxford, with the first man-up for Cambridge played in practiced 4-2 formation but without goal. The second man-up, however, has Kate Read, as ever looking ridiculously calm every time she holds the ball, fake, and fake again, until the ball is released into the top left corner. The quarter ends Cambridge 2, Oxford 0 and a sentiment of “Yes- we’ve got this!”.

Oxford swap goalies ahead of the second quarter, and Cambridge looks to attack the deep end  with fresh energy in the pool thanks to frequent substitutions directed by women’s coach, Ashley Bygraves. Laura Robinson is sent out in her first Varsity match for closing in on an Oxford player too soon after a foul. The man-down is handled well, with a secure defence, where it seemed to the spectators that Morgan was able to ‘push Oxford against the wall and all over the place’. Either those leg sets pay off or it may just have been easy to stand and push. It’s Cambridge’s attack, and the 30 seconds are nearly over when Schubert kicks away as she turns her defender, she shoots hard and the ball lands in the bottom left corner of the goal. A restart and again Cambridge steals the ball. It is passed from newcomer Ailsa Kiely up to 2m on the right wing, where the team’s lefty, Sarah Flaherty waits in position. A classic move that has saved many a match, the shot from that left hand give Cambridge a lead of 4-0.

The team sees more subs, and Ella Irwin sets up in pit, and when passed the ball tries a backhand twisting shot which narrowly misses. Oxford attack and Read in pit defence holds Oxford to account. But an exclusion for Read gives Oxford the man-up advantage, and their first goal falls. Just 30 seconds later foul words leave Read’s mouth, resulting in her second exclusion of the match. No harm done until Feng is sent out, and Bénézit is out to the test during the man-down defence. The ball hits the crossbar low, bounces down onto the back of her head and into the goal. Oxford’s second goal was a spectacle to watch. Under a minute to go, and Cambridge set up a neat attack.  A clean pass from Feng to Schubert results in a flick shot into the right corner. Communication is key and at halftime Cambridge are are leading 5-2.

Third quarter starts with the reassuring sound of the vuvuzela. Crowds cheer from the stands and one can be sure that the alumni have returned…at least this year there was no drum. Attacking the shallow again, Claudia narrowly loses the swim-off, but within 5 seconds Irwin steals the ball at half way and passes it forward to a sprinting Schubert at 4 meters. She doesn’t stop, and with the defenders on her back a push shot must do to secure Schubert’s fourth goal. After some confusion with substitutions, first 6 players then 8, Cambridge again bring in their newer players Lara Tritton, Ailsa Kiely and Becky Mackett who play their first varsity match with a cool head. But more confusion arose as Oxford scored shot, and despite it being a non-goal, the teams lined up for a restart, while the ball is still in play. Defence in the deep end is held strong, with last year’s Captain Frances Turrell and Francesca Giordaniello keeping the ball away from the pit in this quarter.

Attacking the shallow Oxford’s defence is strong, and so at 30 seconds Schubert dumps the ball in the corner for the second time that match. But too late- the gong has gone and she is excluded for wasting time. Oxford set up their man-up, and a strong shot from ex-Cambridge player Rosanna O’keefe is blocked by Flaherty. Only 30 seconds to go in the quarter, and Cambridge gain another man-up as an Oxford player is excluded for swimming over a Cambridge player. A pass from Schubert to Turrell to Flaherty on the right wing. No shot from there in the shallow, but with the top two pressed out, Flaherty passes back to Schubert on the right post and it’s another goal for Cambridge bringing it to 7-2.

As the final quarter begins there is loud cheering to be heard, and Turrell has her family and colleagues holding a banner as big as a goal up to support. Oxford swap goalie again to no avail, and at one point there are two balls in the water, as the men’s team were already warming up for their match. But this was not before an Oxford player was excluded again, with the man-up in the deep end leading to a deflected shot. Turrell takes the corner and passes to Read in pit who is positioned goal side and shoots but it is saved, resulting in another corner on the right wing. Turrel takes it again and Read shouts ‘they’re pressing – quick 1-2′ so Turrell passes and swiftly receives it back from a flick, shooting unmarked to secure Cambridge’s 8th goal.

Substitutions result in a change in team for fresh energy, and as Oxford attack and wrestle for the ball with Bénézit, Read helps out with a casual grab of costume, leading to her third exclusion – she is wrapped. During the man-down Cambridge steal the ball, and Irwin sets up in pit in the deep. With a well timed pass from Morgan, Irwin shoots and lands the ball in the upper right corner giving Cambridge a 7 goal lead with 4 minutes to go. But Oxford don’t give up, and at 2 minutes left, they score their third goal. Cambridge also play full force, but the ball goes back and forth. With 10 seconds left, the ball is at half way, and Turrell on the left 7 m out. Time is running out: there’s a quick shout, a quick pass, and Turrell has the ball. 3 seconds. She see the goal and wants it. She goes for a lob shot, and miraculously the ball lands smoothly in the bottom right corner as the clock shows 0.01.

The game ends there, 10-3, and the team cannot contain their joy and excitement at the beauty of that last goal. Turrell’s family go wild and she is ecstatic to have ended her fourth and final varsity in that way. Coach Ashley is pushed into the pool by assistant coach Emma Tarrant, and hugs and shouts follow.

A Promising performance by the men’s 2nd is marred by mania

Cambridge versus Oxford, a grudge match, the big one. Squads selected from hordes of budding athletes all looking for varsity glory. On the other hand Cambridge versus Oxford Brookes simply doesn’t pull in the fans. The Cambridge Water Polo Second team fielded a diminished squad due to clashes and illness taking away several key players, including the team’s regular goalie. Nine made the trip to Radley including a Swimmer, Dan Toy making his debut for the water polo team, keen to still win the game that at full strength they would have had on paper.

After making their way through the extensive labyrinth of boarding houses the team found the peculiar L-shaped pool and got ready for the game. It started off with a quick goal from the Oxford Brookes within the first 30 seconds. This took the Cambridge team by surprise but shaking off their cobwebs and through some solid team play Cameron Wallis scored an equaliser 31 seconds later. The rest of the first quarter was back and forth but for much of it Cambridge seemed to have the upper hand. Two more goals came from Captain Vytautas Pečiukėnas and Alessio Caciagli with the quarter finishing 3-3.

In the second quarter Cambridge built on their lead with fast paced play led by James Mok. Incessantly swimming up and down the pool he scored 3 goals. One of these assisted by Dan Toy who made a commendable steal and put his swimming to use leaving the Oxford Brookes defender languishing in his trail. Unfortunately, the step-in keeper Rhys Goodall showed his inexperience and let in two easy goals from 5-meters, not noticing that the opposition were far enough out to shoot from fouls on the arc. With a second goal from the Cambridge Captain thrown into the mix the Second Quarter finished 7-6. Cambridge were in the lead but not comfortably so.


The Third Quarter was a closer affair, both teams wrestling and sprinting trying to create opportunities but no goals came in the first 4 minutes. As the Cambridge team began to tire they called a rolling substitution. In a moment of madness, the substitutes leapt from the side into the pool only to be excluded seconds later. Oxford Brookes called a time out and Cambridge had to defend with two men down. Setting up on the posts and pushing the top of the arc the team worked really well blocking and pressuring the opposition who in the dying seconds of the man-up took a desperate shot at goal that was blocked by the keeper. Despite this excellent defence the fortunes of the Cambridge team began to turn. There fast paced play in the earlier quarters started to take effect and the team let some counters get past them and with two of their goals being disallowed due to questionable interpretation of the 2-meter rule Oxford Brookes took the lead. The third quarter finished 9-10.

Cambridge could see they needed something to take back the lead. Leonardo Buizza swapped in to play keeper and the team hoped that a slightly fresher pair of legs might help turn the tide. More targeted play from the Cambridge team drew fouls and several kick-outs but the team were unable to convert these opportunities. Oxford Brookes kept up the pressure and managed to reach the back of the net four times to Cambridge’s one. The Final score was 10-14.

The team’s performance showed great promise but due to a lack of subs their fitness was tested towards the end. The Man of the Match was James Mok whose repeated counter attacks netted him 6 of Cambridge’s 10 (should have been 12) Goals.